Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

“Known as a silent killer due to its carcinogenic properties, asbestos has been used in the building trade and for industrial purposes in Alberta and around Canada since the early 1900s. Although the manufacture of most asbestos-containing materials ended in 1979, an official ban on the fibrous material just occurred in Canada and is expected to be fully implemented in 2018. However, asbestos can still be found in some Albertan homes, apartments, and commercial buildings and even in schools and hospitals. Therefore, the need for professional and safe asbestos cleanup is necessary for anyone planning on demolishing or renovating a home or building known to be containing the material.”


TCL Environmental is committed to the physical, psychological, and social well-being of its workers. TCL has implemented and adheres to a comprehensive health and safety management system to help ensure the health and safety of its workers, and those it works with and around. TCL is committed to the ongoing review and improvement of its health and safety objectives and performance in order to provide a healthy and safe workplace and to protect all workers from injury or occupational disease.


TCL Environmental is committed to providing fast and efficient work. We pride ourselves in providing service that is done right the first time and in a timely manner. If there is  extra work to be done we always consult with our clients. We promise to meet our client’s needs within the agreed-upon timeframe.


TCL’s experience gained over this last decade offers superior quality of service to our customer’s across all areas of abatement and demolition. Asbestos is found in most buildings in Alberta built before 1980. It is vitally important to hire a company with a high level of specialized knowledge in all areas, to protect the safety of all those involved and exposed. When working with TCL Environmental, our clients will feel confident that the work carried out will be specifically customized to their exact needs, guaranteeing minimal disruption. TCL will adhere to the exact requirements for your environment and bring our extensive knowledge to ensure the job is completed to the highest quality standard.