About Us

About TCL

Our team has a combined 15 years of experience working in the removal of hazardous materials and the demolition industry. We value and take great pride in our team’s work ethic and our priority is to get the job done safelyefficiently, and with up-most quality every time. TCL Environmental was founded in 2015. After a couple of years as a subcontractor in the industry,  TCL Environmental obtained COR through the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and is currently maintaining active status. We are committed to maintaining the quality, efficiency, and safety of all those involved in making all of our projects a success.


What we believe in


TCL Environmental’s mission is to become the best Asbestos Abatement Company in Alberta. This is achieved by providing our team with the latest training and industry best practices to complete projects to the highest of standards and within the agreed time frame.


TCL Environmental’s vision is to Protect Humanity and the Environment.


TCL’s core value is safety for the environment and all involved in the completion of our projects.


TCL believes that maintaining a safe living and work environment provides quality of life.